The Re-Mastering Process

Digitizing each and every audio tape, both sides-making sure to get the best copy possible. Trying out 3 different tape machines. Trying two different video digitizers-getting footage from reel to reel. Adjusting the pickups in the Marten guitar. Photographing each photo. Going through the digital files and figuring out which versions to share. Share them as they are and go from there. Singing over the tracks…as we go…

Billy Masters & Guardian Angel Music

I am so pleased and honored to be the creator and founder of Guardian Angel Music, a project to revitalize the incredible music of Billy Masters, accomplished guitarist, songwriter and composer.

Billy is my biological father who went to be with the Lord when I was just an infant.  As I began to fully comprehend the depth of this man’s life, his walk with God, and his amazing music, I considered him my Guardian Angel, which is how our project Guardian Angel Music was named.  

During Billy’s young adult life, he longed for meaning and purpose, searching in the world for answers and even declared himself openly agnostic.  As a young adult he met, Lee Archer, Pastor of the Assembly of God Church, Palmdale,Ca., who was instrumental in getting Billy to fully grasp the love of Jesus Christ and ultimately, Billy surrendered his life to God.  He soon joined The Archers Gospel Rock Band, (with Pastor Archer’s sons) and spent many years as a member and worked on seven of their albums. Billy wrote their title songs—Fresh Surrender, Brand New Day, and Celebrate. He was their lead guitar and a vital member to their group. He traveled with them throughout the U.S., and Internationally.  The Archers later won Dove and Grammy awards and also played at the White House.

I fell in love with Billy’s work as a young adult that soon invoked in me a compelling desire to introduce the world to his amazing music. My husband, Stephen, is also in love with Billy’s music and our daughter Bella, Billy’s grand daughter, is an up an coming fan. Billy’s songs are an inspiration to thousands of fans and our dream is too see a rejuvenation of his works come to fruition and live on in many different music venues, the radio is our primary target.

This wonderful but monumental undertaking will take dedicated time which Stephen and I are committed to, but it will also take funding. I am asking you to prayerfully consider sharing our vision and becoming a contributor or patron of Guardian Angel Music project. We live in such uncertain times where we are seemingly powerless to change all the negativity that is thrown our way; however, music is one of the greatest remaining beauties we have to impact our lives. 

We wish to inspire people with love, joy, and healing through his music. We so appreciate your consideration of this endeavor and know you will be blessed. We greatly appreciate your help.

Contributions to Guardian Angel Music are tax deductible through Artistic Evolucion, not for profit 501c3.

The Scripture that Changed the World

We were recently told that before Billy came to know the Lord his whole complexion looked different. That there was just one scripture verse that changed his life forever and he never looked back. Can anyone take a guess at what scripture that it might be? Perhaps someone in the Archers or going back to Palmdale would have a good guess…

Father’s and Daughters and Families of Music

As you know I love to sing and write songs.

Our one year old daughter Bella comes from a long line of musically gifted family that includes Billy Masters. Currently Bella plays the piano, drum, accordian, kazoo, and mouth pipe.

My hus-band, and Bella’s father, Stephen has an extensive background in family of music as well.  His maternal grandfather was a violin player as well as a self taught trombone and piano player. And of course his mother, Sally, has been a musician her whole life and plays piano and organ. Also his aunt Ellen is an accomplished flautist. 

My Dad, Frank W. Spees, who adopted me at 9 months old, is a songwriter, composer, as well as a potter! He wrote a beautiful song for my birthday that I sang back for him for his birthday. 

Also I just wanted to let you know that my Mom, Judy, plays a beautiful clarinet and sight reads music.  My Sister, Kristen plays the Jazz Saxophone. My brother Justin can play the flute and the drum.

What instruments do you play? How does music inspire healing in your life?