All of Nature Rejoices on Palm Sunday

Here is a song called, Lovely Jesus, that Billy wrote which shows people worshiping Jesus on Palm Sunday as he rode into Jerusalem, (on a donkey). In the song it says, “the gates of my heart are open wide.”

Palm Sunday always proves to be a fun day. People love to worship in with nature, and move their bodies to music. Holding the Palm fronds gives us a chance to interact with God’s majestic beauty and lose self consciousness to move with ease and grace.

This is how I feel today as the darling buds of Spring are stretched towards the Sun, to meet the sky, about to POP open! Over the past two years I served as the Children’s Ministry Coordinator at The First Congregational Church of Burlington. The Easter Season is a busy time for the staff of the church. My past two Palm Sundays consisted of handing out Palm Fronds at the back of the Sanctuary as frantic kids run up and down the aisles passing them out to the congregation as the choir sings “Hallellujia!Hallellujia!Hallellujia!Hallellujia!Hall-e-llu-jia!!!!!” from the balcony. 

My hus-b& Stephen recouts that the day he chose to attend St. Michaels College was during a Palm Sunday Worship Service where litergical dancers were moving beautifuly down the aisles of the Chapel holding palm fronds.

We wish you a wonderful begining of Spring and Holy Week as we dance towards Easter in harmony with Nature.

With Love,

Lauren, Stephen and Bella

Happy Palm Sunday!

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