Old Black Shoe

This song says, “Jesus Loves You, when you Feel like an Old Black Shoe”…”caught between the black top and the cement where cars are driving.”

First of all a major shout of praise for “Aunti-Gram”, Pamela Bejarano, who helped us afford a nice used car. Seat warmers in VT are so cozy and it is very helpful to not have to shlep instruments, art projects and the car seat in the same way each time we leave the house. Even tho we prided ourselves on not owning a car for about a year; not having a car was making me feel like an OLD BLACK SHOE.

We are currently a family of 4 (with Maya visiting) so we are carpooling and still use public transportation and bikes for local commutes!

The old black shoe symbolizes, being lonely, worn out, lost, displaced, homeless, outcast, and without hope.  Surrounded by fast paced cars zooming around who don’t give us the time of day or offer help. Perhaps they even splash us or run us over!

When we get kicked to the curb we often feel worthless, when things don’t work out we may start to think that we aren’t valuable.

God reminds us that even when we are not valued by our family, friends, community, even if we are low self esteem or low class-that God still loves us. 

This video was really fun to make. We had shooting and editing help from UVM Film student Ruby Bates. Maya, who is in town doing the Very Merry Theatre Production of RENT stars, and we had lots of help from puppets we borrowed from the Honeycomb Waldorf School in Richmond, VT (Thanks Ellen!).

The next few weeks we will be undertaking some green screen projects and music video projects that weave projections and videos of Billy Masters playing music on the television. Each video may take more than a week to make and edit but we will post plenty of the behind the scenes footage for our Patrons… https://www.patreon.com/guardianangelmusic


Lauren, Stephen and Bella


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