Father’s and Daughters and Families of Music

As you know I love to sing and write songs.

Our one year old daughter Bella comes from a long line of musically gifted family that includes Billy Masters. Currently Bella plays the piano, drum, accordian, kazoo, and mouth pipe.

My hus-band, and Bella‚Äôs father, Stephen has an extensive background in family of music as well.  His maternal grandfather was a violin player as well as a self taught trombone and piano player. And of course his mother, Sally, has been a musician her whole life and plays piano and organ. Also his aunt Ellen is an accomplished flautist. 

My Dad, Frank W. Spees, who adopted me at 9 months old, is a songwriter, composer, as well as a potter! He wrote a beautiful song for my birthday that I sang back for him for his birthday. 

Also I just wanted to let you know that my Mom, Judy, plays a beautiful clarinet and sight reads music.  My Sister, Kristen plays the Jazz Saxophone. My brother Justin can play the flute and the drum.

What instruments do you play? How does music inspire healing in your life?

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